Twitter/Blog Combination for Rapid Outreach

Today ASG helped promote Free Market Warrior in their fight with the Simon Mall group which decided to terminate their lease because of the products being of a right-wing anti-Obama nature (the management of the Simon Mall Group has given extensively to Democratic and liberal causes, and was a large sponsor of the Obama inauguration).  Starting with a small spot on a local North Carolina television station (conveniently posted to the web), ASG was able to use social media and blogs to quickly promote the cause.  Combined with an aggressive PR campaign of press releases and emailing contacts in the news, this little mention resulted in 6 radio interviews, and the local Fox affiliate contacting FMW about an on-air interview.  Between emails, twittering promoting the television interview, and a new supportive website, Boycott Simon Malls, 2500 hits were generated for Free Market Warrior (the site launched this week and had 78 hits yesterday) and many mentions in the Blogosphere.  Future traffic will depend upon how his interviews were perceived and how the reporting flows over the next few days.

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