Political Strategist for the 21st Century

A Political Strategist for the modern world. Florida Strategic Consulting specializes in online branding for non-partisan races. In a non-partisan race, name recognition may be the most important factor in your success. With targeted online advertisements focused on your voter pool, we can build your brand with the people that matter, your voters. We get your message out to the voters, building name recognition, familiarity, and comfort, prior to the election.

Geographic Targeting

We target your geographic area, so virtually all of your impressions reach potential voters. Unlike television and radio, you aren’t wasting your ad dollars targeting other districts.

Interest Targeting

Take the specific issues that matter to you and your voters and connect them. Target your educational policy towards parents and business development policy towards small business owners. Unlike traditional media, you can get hit-rates of 85% or more on your interest targeting. It’s not simply a matter of guessing or looking at demographics, we can build user files based on almost any interest available.


The sales process may take 7-11 touch points. Unlike traditional campaigns, where the same copy and creative is seen over and over again, with Re-marketing we can tell a story.

Political Strategist from the Marketing World

Our founder and Chief Strategist, Alex Hochberger has been helping brands build their lead generation efforts online since 2001. Bringing techniques from the cutthroat world of lead generations to local non-partisan races is taking a bazooka to an ant-hill. If you’re ready to run a modern race, let’s talk.