Data Driven Marketing

Data driven marketing means adopting the relevant metrics to count and quantify the impact of your actions. You look at the changes you make and how they impact your business going forward. You analyze your historic data and find correlations in the dataset. Once you have positive correlations to the things you want to drive (sales, engagements, votes), you do more of those things and measure the results.

Data Driven Politics

Data driven politics means using the same measurement techniques and results of marketing, but using them in the unique world of politics. Politics is unique in that you have a singular event, where the leading candidate (first past the post) gets 100% of the benefit. This is different from a normal market, because the losers get 0% of the benefit. If there are three grocery stores, with 40%, 30%, and 30% market share, all of them can be profitable businesses, but in politics, the first “grocery” store would win the election, and the other two would lose.