One of our first accounts at Feratech, Inc. was was the name of a merchant processing system that was completely humiliated by a security breach, and the web was filled with negative publicity, so the company chose to re-brand itself.  Deal Jam, LLC (later Internet Real Estate Group, LLC) was able to arrange for the purchase of the domain name for what was, in 2001, the high sum of $100,000, and we were tasked at building a consumer-oriented Credit Card site.

Through several major iterations, the site’s revenues and traffic grew.  What started as 30 pages of banner ads became an information rich site where you could compare and contrast credit cards, find a card that met your needs and apply for it.  In the early days of Google’s climb, our simple information architecture and clean HTML system started to rank on thousands of credit card related searches, and eventually a top ranking on the phrase Credit Cards on all engines.  When the domain was sold in 2004, was dominant in search and type-in traffic, and one of the web’s leading credit card search engines. The new owners were able to retain those high rankings, plus generate television advertisements and aggressive search marketing campaigns, eventually merging with Bankrate.

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