Branding in Social Media Worlds

Consumer Branding companies appear to be wising up that the Internet can be used for more than CPC/CPA deals for Internet dealers.  Not only can you do CPM advertising deals to promote your brand like you did on television, but interactive media helps you engage your customer base.

Look at, PULL-UPS The Potty Project, with a reality TV type approach showing 6 families potty training.  This follows their viral success of the Potty Dance, where families could send in their videos of the Potty Dance for a competition.  They received 75 entries and over 600,000 viewers… not bad for a brand whose primary process if keeping the child from peeing over the house.

Using Social Media, companies are finding a large click rate despite not incentivizing the offers.  In part because of the newness, social media interactions aren’t seen as intrusive the way email marketing has become.

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